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Law & Regulation
   From the announcement of Custom Department Issue 87/2546 entitle of Criterion, Method and Condition for Submit Application for Approval Free Zone Setting, Apply for Business License in Free Zone, and Import Duty Waiving for Import Materials which Transfer to Free Zone, it’s found that Free Zone setting is not easy. There are many criterion to considered before approving the Free Zone, for example, criterion for applicants, areas for Free Zone, system and infrastructure, and businesses which can operate in the Free Zone and so on. Therefore, investors who intend to set up Free Zone have prepare infrastructure as mentioned.

Opportunity & Treats in Law

Custom Act B.E. 2496 and Amended (Issue 18) B.E. 2543 Article 97 tri, Custom Act (Issue 9) B.E. 2482 Article 19 bis
There is no One Stop Service; so that investors have to proceed for any business licenses and work permit

Tax privilege in accordance with the provisions of Section 10 bis of Custom Law and Tax Code  Can bring materials for Free Zone for use or sell in domestic or transfer to bonded warehouse. In this case, that materials can be calculated for taxes and import duty at that period.Bring domestic materials into Free Zone. If that materials cannot refund or waive duty, it is not calculate tax for that materials Less complicated for setting the Free Zone comparing to Industrial Estate . 


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